Interactive art, design, installation, performance and live media experimentation.
I strive to make the digital tangible, creative immersive and responsive work to facilitate an experience or enhance a performance.  

enhance performance and provide experience.

Video Art Collaboration with TRLLM (Jak Ritger & K8 Howl)  // Winner: Tier 4 international scholarship Masters’ Level

//BACKGROUND (short!)

Kat Lee Hornstein is a “big picture” interactive artist and designer creating bold, color drenched work that strives to make the digital tangible. She uses responsive media to elicit participation and engage the audience directly.

She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Massart, and an MA of Interactive Digital Media from Ravensbourne University London, where she also served as Vice President of Postgraduate Studies.

She is currently based in NYC, London, and Boston.

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Video Art Collaboration with TRLLM (Jak Ritger & K8 Howl)
Winner: Tier 4 international scholarship Masters’ Level

Sense of Self (2017)
“Auto-Avatar Experiments” Blog excerpt (London, UK)

Interactive Performance @ Studio 52 (Boston, MA)
// BACKGROUND (not so short!)

Hello! My name is Kat. I’m an interactive designer, artist, and performer. I have been involved with the arts since my first dance recital at the age of 3.  Not long after that, my parents gifted my sister and I their old camcorder. Soon we were unknowngly making stop-motion movies with our American Girl Dolls, dangling Star Wars action figures from dental floss, and perfecting our voiceover techniques.  By high school I was performing in three to four shows a year while assembling my art and design portfolio for college.  I went on to earn my BFA in Graphic Design from Mass College of Art and Design, graduating in 2012 with Portfolio Honours. 

The same year I was hired in the Creative Department of  WGBH Boston, America’s #1 provider of PBS media and content. I was employed here for over 5 years and twice promoted during my tenure. Here I worked closely with a broad range of nationally recognised public media clients, including
NOVA, Arthur, Curious George, Masterpiece, FRONTLINE, American Experience, and many more PBS, NPR, and CPB programs/initiatives.

This hands-on position allowed me to dive into a multitude of rich projects from the ground up. From hand drawn logos to set design to live broadcast infographics, this job shaped me as a creative. I learned that my favourite projects were big (literally as well as figuratively), comprehensive, and impactful. In particular, my work on the PBS Pilot Series
Point Taken drove me to take the next steps in my career – Leaving Boston for London in 2017 to earn my MA at Ravensbourne University London.

During this time I focused the expansion of my practice to include large-scale installation, projection-mapping, and other ways of bringing the physical and digital worlds together, creating vivid and immersive experiences.

At Ravensbourne I served as the Vice President of Postgraduate Studies for the 2017–2018 cohort. I also worked extensively with Greenwich Citizens UK, ultimately serving as co-chair in the 2018 Greenwich Citizens Election Assembly. (Learn more.)

I graduated in November of 2018, spending the next several months travelling and documenting my Thesis work (An interactive installation, “the Assembly of Self”, showcased @ the Ugly Duck in Bermondsey London, September 2018 for London Design Week.

I am now available for creative work in NYC, Boston, London and beyond. A reminder, this site shows my work in interactive experience, installation, performance and live media experimentation. To see my print, digital, broadcast, brand, identity and marketing design, please visit KATLEEHORNSTEIN.COM.

If you have any questions about specific clients, skillsets, past experience, happy to link up with you directly and provide answers or further documentation. I also love to collaborate. 


International Student Scholarship
Awarded to students “with the ability to make an exceptional contribution at Masters level...an outstanding portfolio, academic merit and dedication for high quality study in their chosen discipline area.”
Ravensbourne University London, 2017—2018

Vice President of Postgraduate Studies
2017–2018 Cohort
Elected position with advisory seat on Academic & Quality Education Boards, Represent postgraduate students in coordination & communincation between Faculty/Student Parliament
Ravensbourne University London, 2017—2018

Co-chair,  Citizens UK
North Greenwich Citizens Election Assembly 
Selected by committee (Learn more)
Citizens UK 2018

Founder, Greenwich Welcomes
Projection-Mapping as Storytelling Series on the UK Refugee Crisis.
Project founder & group leader. 
Citizens UK 2018

One-year project designed by Ravensbourne and funded by the Money Advice Service, exploring the impact a co-creation project can have on the attitudes and behaviours of young adults in Higher Education

Gold Bell Ringer Award
Digital Design for WGBH 2013—2014 Annual Report Interactive App
Publicity Club of New England, 2014

Bookbuilders of Boston Scholarship Winner
For engagement in projects that build awareness and practical knowledge of various aspects of the publishing industry.
Bookbuilders of Boston, 2012

•  ADC Portfolio review in NYC
(Senior Portfolio Honour)

Selected as 1 of 100 students nationwide to participate in the Art Director’s Club New York City Portfolio Review (Graphic Design)
Art Director’s Club & MassArt, 2012

Communication Design Studio Mentor 
Mentor and assist students with design & equiptment, help maintain the facilities.
MassArt 2011—2012

Student Leader/Choreographer
COF Dance Project

Head Counselor & Choreographer 
STAGES: Drama Day Camp

Wahconah Regional High School 2007 graduating honours including:  
• Art Department Award
• James Soluri Musical Theatre Award
• the Drama Award
• the Citizenship Award
• John and Abigail Adams Scholarship
(PSAT scores ranked high enough for free tuition at all Mass state schools.)
• Top 10 GPA
(ranked 9th in class)
National Honour Society

// CLIENTS & PARTNERS 2012—2018


•  Adobe Creative Software

(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Adobe Animate, etc),

•  Interactive Film, projection and performance software

(MadMapper, Isadora)

•  Advanced Print Production Experience

(On-site proofing at printhouses, CMYK & Pantone savvy)

•  Advanced Colour Model consistency

(maintaining colour integrity across platforms, from RGB to CMYK and spot colour applications)

•  Installation, Environmental & Set Design Experience

Advanced Dance, Choreography and Direction experience

•  Information architecture & Educational Design Experience

(creating material with WGBH News, NOVA Education & NOVA Labs)

•   Basic HTML & CSS comprehension

•   Basic Arduino and touchboard experience
(programmable circuit board/open-source hardware and software to create physical and digital interactive objects and experiences)